hank you for checking out our jewelry collection. A portion of all earrings sold is donated to individuals requiring financial assistance for alternative cancer therapies. We're three sisters who were inspired by our mom , she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in November 2018 and we wanted to do everything we could to ensure she received every cancer treatment option available. We believe others deserve the same. 

First of all, for any family that has experienced a cancer diagnosis, you know how difficult it can be. Appointments, scans, driving - loads of driving, more appointments, questions - so many questions, and research. Wow, how we researched. That's what has brought us here. Cancer is expensive. Time off work, fuel, alternative therapies - that's the big one for us. We believe in alternative therapies and are using them with our mom. However, they can be SO expensive. But, if there is a 30% higher success rate of beating cancer - you're damn right you need to try it. 

We are donating a percentage of every pair of earrings sold - we intend to help the families that want alternative therapies, or lets rephrase, NEED these alternative therapies, and can't afford them. Just writing that gives me goosebumps. Everyone should have access to them - everyone deserves a fighting chance. So, please know that by supporting us here, you're supporting others along their journey as well. And we'll do our best to keep you updated with the details.

Why Periwinkle?  It's the color representing esophageal cancer. 

Carrie, Patricia & Sabrina

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