Heartprint Threads - Aztec Double Blanket - Lilium Superbum


We LOVE Heartprint Threads for a number of reasons. First off, they make a beautiful product, soft,  cozy and so stunning. We also love to support other local entreprenuers - but,  mostly we love how they give back with every purchase - so naturally we knew this was a brand we wanted to feature in our online 'boutique/gift shop'.

Lilium Superbum

You rise to see stunning lilies all along the windowsill at your bed and breakfast in upstate New York. As you yawn yourself awake, a quick, flitting hummingbird approaches. You stare, open mouthed, as it feeds from the stunning flower, constantly checking its surroundings before going back for more. You turn as you hear your partner rising up from bed, and when you look back at the window, it’s gone. 

The Aztec Series - Join us on a journey through time, history and creativity. The Ecuadorian Artisans we work with offer incredible creations that warm our hearts and minds. The Aztec series accentuates the immense pride, power and passion that goes into our blankets from everyone involved. 

As with any blanket you purchase, 'A blanket for you, is a blanket for someone in need.' Learn more here.

Thank you for your support!


  • Double size 65" (165cm) x 84" (214cm)
  • 100% recycled acrylic
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Cold delicate wash, hang dry