About us

Hi! Thank you for visiting! My name is Sabrina! I am a crazy dog loving entrepreneur as well as a Chartered Accountant. Like you, I absolutely love clothes and shopping - preferably online.  I am a REAL person, so ordering from fringe is easy! If you have questions - you can email or message, I generally respond fairly quickly. 

I started Fringe because finding cute, classy clothing and accessories always seemed like such a chore, and I would find myself ordering from the US, which wasn't super convenient. Many of my friends ordered from shady websites - and never got what they wanted - so I decided to change that! My goal is to bring you a variety of super awesome products at great prices in Canadian Dollars.

I try each of our pieces on to make sure I am happy with the sizing and quality - so rest assured - these clothes are made to fit real people! Plus, I do my best to detail each size appropriately. Have questions on sizing or anything else - please email or message!

I do have a mobile boutique too - so stay tuned to our e-newsletters and social media pages as to where you can find us in the spring and summer!

Stay tuned regularly to see what's new! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for visiting!



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